Missing out on EU opportunities

201810 anti Brexit art work joke 50p coin 45119637_1012210822296694_6402268990915215360_oI attended a couple of “Another Europe is possible” meetings in part to reflect on a previous post about the challenges Nottingham faces as we are preparing for, or rather threatened by, Brexit.
Reports of how the EU is now bigger than the. USA in science prompts thoughts to how we might miss out on their progress.  Moving on with progress on health, the environment and tackling corporations on tax avoidance.
One risk that deserves better understanding is the impact of people who are European citizens, but not British.  Up to 3.8 million were mot allowed to take part in the 2016 referendum.  Might people leave Britain, many of them working in the hotel and catering trade?  What might the challenge to the economy be, and to public services, if shortages there make public sector caring jobs less attractive.  A take that this means more jobs for local people begs the question about how crops can to be left in the fields, or in the greenhouses, this year.
The group are pushing for a People’s Vote, which is often challenged with how do you choose 2 options from the 3 touted?  One retort – list the three options – Crash out; May’s deal (which is crash out after a while before new trade deals can be struck), and Remain. A more complicated referendum might actually re-iterate how this matter deserves consideration.
The early challenge to leaving with or without a deal is the race to strike new trade deals, especially with an America with lower standards on food (e.g. chlorinated chicken).
Reminders too, of people like Professor Minford, who wanted to write off Liverpool.  The raw globalisation that will follow Brexit will threaten most what traditional manufacturing businesses we have, a constituency that seemed particularly motivated to vote Leave.
I’ve been wondering about withdrawing Article 50 – which I am assured the UK can do – we must be able to, cos what if a General Election led us to say we’ve changed our mind? Concern at the meetings was to do that in isolation leaves that sense that the result of people expressing their view is to be merely turned over by the political class.   But I think it may be needed cos realisation of  the crisis to come will prompt people to say “stop” cos we’re not ready.
A reminder that the process will be, and has been, making young people feel like they have not say.
For me, another chance to say the challenge to EU membership problem developed from a ruling (by the European Court of Justice) saying that people from abroad could be paid different rates of pay, and terms and conditions, and that by 2010 at least, so many people were bewailing lack of opportunities for employment for local people, and problems caused at work places by people who were not properly trained.

All in all, time for a stock take of the challenges to Nottingham prompted by Brexit.

BTW Independent article on public understanding of Brexit.


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