First Man

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Born in ’61, I was part of the generation who were the age to be inspired about just how much was going to be possible in the future.  We were the ones woken up in the middle of the night to watch the first moon walk on the black and white TVs.
Yet there is little joy in this giant leap for mankind.
It’s as if the astronauts were drilled not to enjoy the successes, so we aren’t allowed to either.
Space flight here is not bright and light, as portrayed in “Apollo 13”, but dark, with plenty of shake, rattle and roll; especially the rattle.
Compelling and convincing, the only technical moan is the inability to hear all the dialogue; this in a film that is the best so far in conveying what the moon looks like and what that crater that nearly aborted Apollo 11 looked like.
Another go see movie.
(r:9.2; e:4, s:5, t:4).

Asked what the missions will mean, Armstrong is shown to say that it may not be explorations for exploration’s sake, but for seeing things in a new way, because we now can.
Apollo 13 was to use its lunar module as a lifeboat; and to remind us that the earth doesn’t have one, so we have to look after the earth.  Yet the generation that was supposed to be inspired to do so much ought to reflect on just how many problems we are refusing to tackle.


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