Dirty tricks on voter registration

The current senator for North Dakota who is up for re-election was elected 6 years ago by under 3,000 votes.  She is a Democrat party member.  She was supported in large numbers by native Americans; around 10,000 of them.
(See report by Vox; also their photo (AFP/Getty).)
Electoral Registration is more political in the United States of America, and Republican Party supporters changed electoral registrations rules to say a voter cannot give a postal box address.  Many native Americans in particular North Dakota counties only have postal box addresses.  And so, a measure was introduced to target and cut out a particular group of people.  Ethnically targeted.
Georgia also is state where people are being cut out from the register.  Requiring precision in the way names and addresses are submitted in a way that excludes more. black people.  Here the officer controlling registration is also the Republican candidate for the Senate.

Even in casting postal votes in Britain, officers can take the view that signatures can be sufficiently similar, even if the master signature is written say ‘Michael Edwards’, when the signature is written say ‘M.M.Edwards’.

Mike Leigh, in a broadcast interview after the premiere of the movie Peterloo, said if people from then were here now, they’d be appalled that not all working people register, and that not all working people vote.

Register to vote.  Use the vote.


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