For a country that loves period costume drama, a first movie of the Peterloo massacre the 200th anniversary of which falls in August next year.
20181017 184500 700 Peterloo movie still20181017 184500 750 Peterloo movie still20181017 184500 790 Peterloo movie still20181017 184500 800 Peterloo movie still20181017 184500 850 Peterloo movie still
The production art and costumes are convincing.  The massacre itself, sickening – and how could it be anything else.
The interests of manufacturers, magistrates, government and royalty are shown and not to advantage.  The workers and campaigners are often shown making speeches – often extracts from speeches of the time – and the language can be challenging.  An introduction to Henry Hunt.  Overall, an education.
A more positive review from the Guardian, in essence the newspaper that was created because the massacre happened.
(r:6.7; e:2, s:3, t:4).

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