Les Gardiennes

The Guardians, or rather the female Guardians.
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Farming, farm management, tractors – all my forefathers’ occupations (save shepparding) – what’s not to love?
In this story of the Great War years, written in 1924, when the work is done by the women, partly because of the war, but noticeably because capable older men often seem to sit and watch.
Yet the major twist in this story sees a woman betray another.
The movie is long, invitng you to love watching the farm animals, the scenery, the long labour and the new technology.
Like Columbus, long and avoiding antagonism.
Guardian review.
(r:7.8; s:4, e:3, t:4).
Note, the author was to die during the Nazi occupation, harassed daily by the Gestapo.


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