Options for improving Queens Walk Recreation Ground

Consultation has begun for choosing between 2 options of a Multi-Use Games Area on the car park, and 3 options for an outdoor gym upon the existing half-MUGA site.
Submit your preferences online.

20181015 qwrec possible muga equipment aa0348h_Fotor
The left hand  design has a green acrylic surface, deeper goals and bent poles that act as benches.
I do wonder if the pitches couldn’t have netball lining, and tennis court linings, as well.

20181015 qwrec possible outdoor gym equipment aa0228h_FotorThere’s more equipment with the middle and right hand designs.

I have since taken the designs around Meadows Library on a Friday afternoon, and the designs that seem most popular are the ones that show a green surface and a blue surface.  But, these acrylic surfaces might not be guaranteed for very long (5 years?).

Whilst the green Muga is my preference for other reasons, the blue keep-fit equipment offers less kit.  So please join in, and please take the opportunity to review it properly.

Arkwright Walk Green.
It is still my hope that we can re-use the half-MUGA from QWRec on Arkwright Walk (at an additional cost of £10,000).  When we asked neighbours on the 30th July, public response was 8-nothing for using the equipment there, but we will want to ask people again.

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