New Nigerians

A satire on politics in Nigeria, staged at the Nottingham Playhouse, with which I struggled to identify with cos it all seemed too simple; “a bit lower sixth”.
A review in The Guardian asserts the core argument – “the difficulty of maintaining one’s radical purity in an imperfect world”.
But it’s kinda undermined with a beginning pointing out that the populist Socialist presidential candidate was actually not doing that well at being popular.   And the mantra – “whatever is in the interests of the people is justified” – (sorry, forgotten exact wording used) is perhaps a kind of Leftist or Revolutionist thought, but something current British Leftists would blanch at.  To compel, it needed a better rehearsal of what the core values really are. But perhaps I don’t know enough about the Nigerian context.
But the play was pleasant enough.

The surprise was the audience participation, which it took me a while to get used to. I’ve a cough so chose a front row seat to walk out quickly if a spate came on.  Now, although you get great leg room, it can be a mistake to sit in the front row.  At various stages, I was challenged by the lead actor, playing “Greatness”.
Could I hold his present for his daughter? (Yes.)
Do I want to share his spliff? (No.).
Was I the Mayor on holiday?  (Total confusion – decided to not say – “No, that was last year.”)


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