Working Class heroes in British film

In a fim course, it came as something of a shock that the films picked out to portray working class life, were ones that featured individuals somewhat on the edge of the mainstream of working class people –  Arthur Seaton in “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning“; Jo in “A Taste of Honey“; Billy Casper in “Kes“;  Jimmy Cooper in “Quadrophenia“; Renton in “Trainspotting“; Shaun in “This is England“; Jimmy McCabe in “Jawbone“.
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Film struggles beyond telling the stories of lead individuals, and doesn’t have the time to tell stories of individual development, especially through the world of work where you acquire knowledge, skills and experiences, that give you the confidence to say we the people can do things, cos we are together and we take responsibility.

Nor do any of the films talk about people that came from the working classes to be lead the country – Jack Jones, Ernest Bevin.  (There was a short tv series on Nye Bevan. Note, our greatest, Clem Attlee, George Orwell and Michael Foot came from more privileged backgrounds.)

It’s as if the best we can expect from the media of films is social liberalism.
It’s as if the progress in the UK has been Socialist, without the emphasis on special individuals.
Whatever, I feel like the country is missing some films that tells people. what we really are, and what we delivered., under Clem, under Harold, and even under Tony.

But in it all, a sense of disappointment that this is the list of films that show the British working class.  Surely, we deserved more.

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