England 6 Panama 1

201806241500 england panama 6 goals ab0576h
Chances created well and taken well.
Optimism says –
Goal 1: good cross from corner kick into space created; header executed well.
Goal 2: direct run into the box; foul; emphatic penalty kick.
Goal 3: free-running and triangles; excellent curling shot into the top corner.
Goal 4: intelligent free-kick with wall pass/cross to players behind the wall; intelligent headed cross across goal and headed follow-up to excellent save.
Goal 5: corner kick again creating panic; ref. spots the slam-dunk and awards penalty kick; emphatic penalty kick.
Goal 6: a 25 pass move; vindication for years of practising back-heel chips from the 18 yard line.
Pessimism says –
Goal 1: Young obstructed a defender to allow the space to be created.
Goal 2: Lingard fell, and handled.
Goal 3: How many did Lingard have to miss before he scored?
Goal 4: England have had to give up on direct kicks; Stirling missed again.
Goal 5: England forwards are tangling themselves up.
Goal 6: 24 of the 25 passes were flat; a fluke.
Football pundits and tv presenters are too excited.  The control is still not there.  Still wayward passes from the back.
In summary: England have plenty to improve on.  But the special teams play is excellent and means they have the capability to beat better teams.

England should rest players for the Belgium game, but not the formation. So Dier for Henderson, Rose for Young; Loftus-Cheek for Alli; possibly Cahill for the Leicester centre-half. Victory should be the aim and subject to injury, the only change I’d make for the round of 16 is Dyer for Henderson. And I kinda get why no-one’s really talking about us getting past Brazil or Germany.

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