Progress report for public meeting

a. community safety (tackling use of knives and drug dealing; improved cameras);

a1. Knifing incidents and drug dealing

We have had too much knife crime in The Meadows and we’ve got to get it sorted.

Inspector Walker will report progress on arrests made.
There are extra officers performing a range of tasks in The Meadows, now and in the days to come.
The Police want more information from local people.

Extra CPO’s will feeding intelligence gathered into the police systems.
“… we have deployed 4 extra Community Protection Officers in addition to the local Meadows CPO’s who are already patrolling the area”.

a2. CCTV cameras
We now have a quote for improving the quality of cameras covering the Bridgeway Shopping Centre, and for an additional camera to survey the passageway in the southern block of shops.

a3. Police base in The Meadows
Facilities for the Police to write-up information and take breaks at the London Road fire station has been agreed and is awaiting some IT works.

b. parks, play and open spaces (repairs, security and promoting usage; VE and QWRec);

b1. winter football and use of both pavilions;

Football pavilion.
1920’s design expects teams to share; Requiring 4 changing rooms instead of 2 means 2 more showers blocks.  Meanwhile, after end of season deep clean, will look for new partnerships with existing clubs.

Cricket pavilion
For use for winter football, need a key-holding arrangement with 1 football club.

b2. securing VE & MRG;
Travellers – some criminal damage following the latest visit, which has been cleaned up or repaired.
There will be –
– a review of all the signage so that we can fully enforce against any car parking on the grass;
– knee-high rails around north-east car park to deter driving across playing fields;
– a review of bollards; new bollards at more of the entrances that are vulnerable to abuse;
– a check on events ensuring bollards are re-instated at the end of every event.
We want to be clearer on who people should ring and with what kind of complaints to get the appropriate Police and / or City Council responses.

b3. initial outline aims of Heritage bid;
The council is to bid in February to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a renewal of the Memorial and the Gardens.
Objectives are – renewal of the Memorial, refurbishing and re-purposing of the Undercroft, new plumbing for the fountains, repairs to Queen Victoria, repair of the Gardens, in particular the pavements.

b4. Current repairs.
Repairs required for fountains and lead roofing replacement will be progressed and the bandstand renewal is expected to be completed in September.

b5. Ambitions for the Victoria Embankment & Meadows Recreation Gardens

Opportunities and Challenges –
see –

b6. Queens Walk Rec
Have conducted 2 consultations are looking towards a new multi-sue games area and more play equipment.

b7. goalposts for Arkwright Walk green
Proposing a couple of five a side goals, sited further away from the play equipment.

b8 In Bloom
New Meadows planters – Volunteers have been re-planting planters on Causeway Mews and neighbouring streets.

c. parking (Meadows residents permits phase 2; RINGGO for shopping centre);

c1. Permits consultation
In progress; some concerns raised regarding Hobart Close, and the yellow lines proposed for junctions at the Old Meadows (at one of which, there has been a 2-car collision); looking to implement wide-ranging scheme in late July.

c2. Update on Bridgeway Shopping Centre
Looking at RINGGO, with 3 hours fee, £3 for a daily charge (or more now that more is being charged for Crocus Street), with 2 permits for each business; and discussions with businesses to start soon; 4-6 months legal consultation.

d. housing developments off Crocus Street, Sheriff’s Way and Traffic Street; new housing in the south-west);

d1. Council development
Now looking at 20 council houses for former welfare site, and 21 NCH owned flats for rent at the former Police station.

d2. Private development
I am also arranging for a repeat of the meeting between interested activists and residents and the architects & developers of the Cresswell site within the next 2-3 weeks.
(The Traffic St. scheme is not so pressing yet.)

d3. selected licensing for housing.
to be unchanged – i.e. covering part of the Old Meadows;

d4. Conservation area
Aspiration for a new area to cover part of the Old Meadows.

e. street scene (tree pruning, grass cutting);

e1. Trees
A proposed schedule of trees to prune etc. has been presented, but may be light on the problems raised by residents, typically during the Summer months, so we may well want to revise the schedule.

e2. Grass cutting
Again, recognise the challenges of cuts, but are seeking feedback on missed patches and grounds, and edging work;

f. events (city wide and local)

f1. City-wide events
Schedule available. Currently preparing for next Thursday’s triathlon relay.

f2. Community Events
The AMC Gardens Spring Event on Saturday – 440 attended.
Elmer the Elephant at Meadows Library – 30 attended.

g. Other.

g1. Health
– improvements to Meadows Medical Centre;
– children’s dental health

g2. Schools.

g3. Brexit.

H. Cuts to local authorities

Since the change of government in 2010 they have taken £230 million from Nottingham City Council despite rising costs in the care of young and elderly people. The only additional means of funding these essential services has been council tax which ultimately leaves Nottingham people paying more but receiving less as underfunded council services are pushed to their tipping point.

Cuts have had a devastating impact on youth services and are undermining the early interventionist approach we pioneer on Nottingham City Council. Throughout England, more than 500 sure start centres have closed since 2010, denying families from poorer background essential services in early education, health and family support.

Austerity has also been deeply damaging to the police and is crippling their ability to keep communities safe. Budget cuts of nearly 25% has taken over 400 police officers off our streets and led to a force restructure.


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