A special sound

It was the sound.  The noise of an 18-yard half-volley smashing into the underside of the bar and rippling the net.  Made audible by the silence of a 13,500 home crowd realising something was amiss.  And made iconic by a photo from Getty Images.
Jon Nolan scores at Charlton getty images 2645 copyrighted cartoonised ab0566h
One of Salop’s greatest ever goals I’ve ever seen in one of Salop’s best team performances I’ve ever seen.
High pressing leading to a loose clearance.  Head tennis from 3 Salop players before a lay-off to Jon Nolan, our player of the season, and wallop. Goal!
All in a League One play-off.  Elation for 777 Salopians.
Charlton Athletic fans on their way home saying that they’re only 1-0 down and it’s only half-time and they won 2-0 at the New Gay Meadow only 4 weeks or so back.
But Salop had rested 7 or so players then, and the high-pressing, ball-winning Salop that exemplified the long unbeaten run at the start of the season was back, and how.
Paul Hurst recognised the good, but also pointed out how too many crosses had been too long or too short, so room for improvement.
And, yes, it’s not over.

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