Watching the results

The timing of this year’s local election results for Labour supporters was painful.
By 3am, Labour losses had mounted up and the Conservatives were gaining.
Labour had lost Derby (with UKIP – a busted flush everywhere else – winning 2 seats) and the Conservatives had won Peterborough and Nuneaton.  Labour had won Plymouth but failed to win Barnet.  The Conservatives had lost Trafford.

By the time Tower Hamlets, the last council, declared, Labour had gained councillors and Kirklees & Tower Hamlets; whilst the Conservatives had lost Trafford.
In the meantime, Labour was perceived to have lost these elections.  Apparently Labour had talked up the prospects of winning Westminster, Wandsworth & Barnet and then failed to.
This may not have been true; what was true was hours of analysis was broadcast without commentators talking about the impact of cuts in finance for local government.
However, projections on share of the vote as if the whole country had voted showed Labour level with the Conservatives and 3 seats ahead applied to a General Election.
Skwawkbox went even further saying “Labour had its best local election results since 1971”.
This seems surprising given some of the massive wins of the past such as 1985, when Labour won 48% of the vote and gained 2,000 councillors.
What actually makes you think is when you reflect on what you can do to improve the results next year.  And whether the Government feel under pressure for their policies on cutting funds to local government services.
Certainly, Alistair Campbell is concerned that Labour is not doing well enough.

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