Mohammad Aslam

Passed away.
Took a Conservative ward in 1985.
Represented Wilford; and then Radford & Park.
Almost elected as Labour MP for Nottingham East in 1987.

Justice of the Peace
Elected for Wilford Ward, 4 May 1995 – Labour (until May 2000)
Committees included –
Community Development Committee; Education Committee; Employment & Economic Development Committee; Policy & Resources Committee; Environment Committee; Standards Committee; Sustainability Joint Sub-Committee (V-Chair); Going Four Wards (Area 4) Committee.

Elected for Radford and Park Ward, 1 May 2003 – Labour (until 2015)
Committees included –
Appeals Panel; Environmental Services PDR; Standards Committee (Chair);
Berridge, Arboretum, Radford & Park (Area 4) Committee; Accounts Committee;
Advice & Scrutiny Committee; Priorities, Performance, Personnel & Finance Panel; Overview & Scrutiny Committee; Health Scrutiny Standing Panel; Joint City and County Health Scrutiny Committee; Audit Committee (Vice Chair); Community Wellbeing Select Committee; Arboretum, Dunkirk and Lenton, Radford and Park Area Committee.

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