New wards proposed for Nottingham

The Meadows is to become the basis for a new 2 member ward called “Meadows”, that also includes ng2, Riverside shopping and Meadow Lane.
The city centre and Castle Marina parts of Bridge ward are to be combined with Standard Hill,  The Park Estate, and some surrounding streets, along with Marco Island to the north-east and Bio-City to the east,  as part of a new 2 member ward called “Castle”.
The dividing line is one of the railway lines.
New wards for Bridge ward ab0766h
The Local Gov’t Boundary Commission took on board the recommendations of the City Council to not have single member wards.
That a review was necessary at all was down mainly to the increase in numbers of people living in the city centre.
But the wards start off perverted by not working from numbers that do includes large numbers of students that live in the city and they will not be properly represented.
Links to the LGBCE reports can be found here –


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