Ken Williams

030202 02 Arboretum, Tiger Squad, Ken Williams Feb02692 (2)
Ken Williams served as a Nottingham City Councillor for Greenwood ward and then Dales ward.
A dedicated husband to Steph and a family man.
A teacher.
A campaigner for the Labour Party.

David Mellen  Ken was a great co-councillor and so patient and kind with constituents, dedicated to improving things for Nottingham people and a loyal campaigner for the Labour Party.  An honour to call him a friend.

Josie Tanvir  Ken was a kind, clever, funny man, and a wholly conscientious councillor.  I remember his wry humour and dry wit with much affection.

Penny Griggs  Ken was a truly wonderful man as well as being a committed Councillor. He was active in the Labour Party, being Treasurer of Nottingham East from 2005 to 2013.

Emma Lowton  A wonderful, warm, kind, funny man.

Mo Munir  Ken was wonderful man; we both got elected in same year.  I remember his company in The Council House Members Room.

Mohammed Saghir  Ken was nice gentleman, very helpful

Helen Skinner  Ken and Steph ran Gordon’s campaign which resulted in him taking the seat off Tuck, the Tory and becoming Councillor for Greenwood . Such a nice guy.

Asif Maqsood  Ken was a wonderful man as well as being a committed Councillor.
Rachel Greatrix  Lovely genuine man who was always worth listening to.
Lilian Greenwood  Ken was warm and funny and it was a pleasure to campaign alongside him.
Anne Peach  I’m so sad to hear this news.
Katrina Bull  He was a lovely man, one of the first councillors I met in my early years in Nottingham, when I was trying to win selection.  Truly a fair and generous man.

040602 191950AA The Dales, Ken Williams DSCN0652

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