A Fantastic Woman

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A younger woman comes into the life of an older man, who leaves his wife and family.  The younger woman is a talented singer, is resented by the wife and family, and yet is understanding and a model in calmness.
When the man dies suddenly, and with unusual injuries, it takes a while for matters to be sorted out but in the meantime various members of the family stop the younger woman from taking part in the funeral and other events, and try to drive her out of the flat, require the car to be handed over and even take the dog.  It also becomes clear the younger woman takes certain drugs and can be racy.
The film shows the younger woman win out on much of what she wanted – saying goodbye to the body and having the dog back (very satisfying) – although (unusually for a drama) not all the steps in between are shown.
Oh, and the younger woman is transgender.
And some of the resentment is a hatred that trans people can suffer, and in this story turns to assault.
The movie also includes a pre-occupation on what a trans woman might look like downstairs and a scene where she has to pretend to be a man again – apparently clichés for movies featuring a trans gender as a lead.
The movie is also a tad slow – a lot of lead character stares into the camera.
But it’s now an Oscar winner – best film not in English – and being celebrated by the trans-community.
(r:7.2: e:3, s:4, p:3)


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