I, Tonya

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Mainly unpleasant people, in an extraordinary story,  yet most striking is the domestic violence, and dysfunctional family life – almost melted away in the moment when Tonya first approaches a trainer at the age of 3 on the ice to be coached.
The movie
essentially says Tonya Harding was wronged throughout her young life and career, and at the end re-emphasises how Tonya was a skating great, but does not take much opportunity to show that Nancy Kerrigan was a victim.
But it is a very good movie. Go see.

Written from the viewpoint of many “I”s, the themes are much richer than “the incident” that made Tonya Harding notorious.  A “red neck” – notice how we don’t talk about “chavs” any more – whose athleticism broke barriers in figure ice skating, but struggled more on the artistic / grace side of the sport (contended by the movie to be in part class and social prejudice).
Some of the other “I”s decide to send the same death threats Tonya has received to rival Nancy Kerrigan / break her knee with a baton.
In negating Tonya’s responsibility, you can almost miss Tonya’s condemnation of Nancy being unhappy with only winning silver, when no doubt an interruption to the preparation for the Olympics could indeed have cost her the gold.

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