Well done PyeongChang

Closing as a dull Football League Cup final was to be played out, kinda worth reflecting on how intriguing the Winter Olympics have been, given the sports included get no coverage in-between times.
Step up the snowboard competitions, which have grown in variety and extent.  Great to watch, and in this instance helped by youthful and open BBC commentators.
Most amazing story also included a snowboarder, a Czech, who entered a traditional super G slalom skiing race almost out of annoyance and actually won.
The racing competitions were entertaining too.
Less impressive, the BBC presentations.
Most awfully hamming up the 500m short speed skater based in Nottingham, who was in tears when being forced out by an opponent.  Hours after crying on TV and being counselled on air by a BBC commentator, the skater was to acknowledge the nature of the sport and to regret her outburst.   Too late for the extensive bewailing led by Clare Balding.
Dreadful too was the commentary on the sled runs.  40 seconds of sports psycho-babble of mistakes being unaffordable, followed by assurance that a mistake made had not been that bad after all.
Also guilty of the over-use of the word “perfection” was Steve Cram and his colleagues on the curling.  The British curlers did not deserve to win medals, but at times they looked like they might.  It was gripping.  Then that astonishing loss of 5 shots by the men’s team against the hammer playing Switzerland.  And the loss of a bronze in the women’s competition with a shot that was apparently makeable more often than not.
Then, to cap it all, big boasts about Britain’s biggest ever haul of medals.  My hunch is that medals won as a share of medals available is not a record.  But the need to propagandiet is hard-wired.  Yes, a true success in skeleton; curling and bobsleigh – not so much.

Finally, another mention for the co-operation between the parts of Korea. Yep, it might come to nothing, but it was good to see.
That, and the reminder of the joy of watching people compete.
Guardian write-up here.

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