Mark E Smith – appreciated

Mark E Smith gdn 4554 aa0336hSuch strong memories of Smith and the Fall.

At the Hacienda, “rock and roll” whistling during “Kicker Conspiracy”.
Celebrating their arrival on TV on the “Tube” programme.
Playing “Paintwork” on my new hi-fi to my bewildered Auntie visiting my new flat.
“Youwanner” at the Rescue Rooms.
“Australians in Europe” and “Hit the North” at Rock City.
Me and Graham dancing to them at Trent Students Union as confused students looked on.

Mark E Smith wrote brilliant lyrics.
He was different – he “heard rainbows in the evenings”.
You’d be astonished to realise that this uncommercial artist wrote songs that suddenly appeared on tv commercials (“Touch Sensitive”).
And just some great dance tracks.

At one stage, he cut a dashing figure.
But the stories of how he was with other musicians in the band did not appeal.
Drink and drug use took away the glamour.

John Peel said “with the Fall, you never quite know what you’re gonna get”.
I didn’t put a Fall track into my top 8 songs of my life on Radio Nottingham; I think because my favourite Fall track changes.

He’d come to use “The Big Prinz” to enjoy the audience chant “he is not, appreciated” to him.
Well he was.
And he knew it.
He was a great.

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