The Death of Stalin

I could laugh at “In the Thick of it” cos having met Alastair Campbell, I could always see it as one step away from reality.
The trailer makes the “The Death of Stalin” look and sound like a great laugh, but the actual fully movie is not so jolly stuff cos it all looks and feels too real and the early scenes show people being taken away and show people being shot.
Not saying it shouldn’t have been made (unlike Peter Hitchens) or that the film is wrong; just saying it’s harder to laugh – not so much a black comedy as just black (or even bleak).
Now I’ve had to read up about what happened (and watched a 60’s American documentary on YouTube).  Yes, the story is different in significant parts from the actual history (takes place in a week instead of months), but it still felt real.
Maybe when I see it a second time, I’ll be able to laugh with the film more.


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