Review of 2017

18922796_10154675804636305_167902977432836818_oThe highlight was the evening of the General Election – calling on Labour supporters in the Old Meadows – and they were all turning out to vote without us having to ask.
Such a highlight because of where Labour had come from –
* A poor defeat at the County Council elections;
* An election called with such a deficit in popular opinion;
* Relentless anti-Corbyn newspaper coverage including 14 pages on Corbyn and the IRA in the Daily Mail on the day before;
* A defeat in Nottingham South actually seemed possible, with the Conservative Leader turning up the day before.
Yet the opinion polls were all over the place.

That evening said we were going to do much better.
And then that exit poll – some of us were even captured on TV at the count when the poll came out.  So much better than expected. (Tho’s let’s not forget, we lost.)

A highlight too, because the rest has been fairly grim –
* climate change bringing on more violent storms and hurricanes;
* 85 killed by the fire that ripped around and through Grenfell Tower;
* tax changes giving more to the rich;
* chaos with the roll-out of Universal Credit;
* cuts to the welfare and public services, including requiring another £29 million by Nottingham City Council;
* cuts to school budgets;
* ongoing social impacts;
* many more people begging in the city centre;
* Victoria Embankment bandstand burnt;
* more drug dealing in the neighbourhoods around the city centre, including The Meadows;
* a poverty of responses to traffic congestion;
* new electoral wards proposed to split The Meadows based on low registration of working people and particularly students;
* Brexit being a massive distraction for the country; (Labour’s stance has 6 points);
* anti-Semitism;
* ongoing attacks on innocent people; across the world, but here Manchester, Westminster, London Bridge, Finsbury Park, and the horrendous shooting in Las Vegas;
* Trump condoning a KKK attack;
* a colonial attitude to the 70th anniversary of Britain’s withdrawal from India;
* the genocide in Myanmar.

So what to celebrate?
Parking permits (finally) for most of the New Meadows – although we will now have to do another phase.
A full Bridgeway shoppiIMG_9987ab0719h WHall chinasaurs Hunter and familyng centre.  New bungalowsMore done on improving local parks, including a mini road network for kids.  A new railway station at Ilkeston.
(Notable is the development of proposals for new housing between the city centre and the Meadows Way.)
Celebrating local stories of struggle from the past by working people for working people. And of Herbert Kilpin, who started AC Milan.
Lots of nice moments as a civic (see the twitter account), including telling Nottingham’s stories.
The Chinasaurs exhibition.
Best tweet of the year.
Appearing on Radio Nottingham to celebrate 8 tracks, and seeing the Buzzcocks at Splendour.

Other highlights:
films (Paddington 2, Dunkirk, England is Mine, The Journey, Their Finest, The Salesman, LionElle, Viceroy’s House, 20th Century WomenHidden Figures, The Founder, FencesT2: TrainspottingDenialMoonlightJackieA Monster Calls) ;
tv (The Moorside, Sherlock 4, Fargo 3, Spin, Line of Duty 4 and Peaky Blinders 4).
Documentary and commentary:
(The Vietnam War, An Inconvenient Sequel  I am not your Negro, O.J. Made in America).
Salop avoiding relegation and then doing very well in the league.
Panthers winning a European trophy; Notts winning 3 cricket trophies; Forest escaping relegation;
The Meadows hosted the British Triathlon mixed relay cup; Nottingham hosted the European Squash championships.

Finally, remember –
Gerald Angell, Mansell Barber;
Alan Clark, Kate Rush; and
Heather Heyer, and again, Jo Cox.

Previous reviews:
2016 – 2015201420132012.

20171231 wp all time visits ab0254h Screenshot (765)

Have now logged over 2000 matters since becoming a Bridge ward councillor.

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