Parks updates – October 2017

*** The Meadows

** Victoria Embankment
* Memorial
Lead lifted – looking to replace with a different material; equipment (incl. goal posts) stolen from compound; undercroft being abused, so looking to enhance and secure – bids for enhancements in the making.
* Bandstand
Damaged by fire; will repair and re-instate but will explore what might usefully be added; planning application submitted.
* Pavilion
Hoping FA will nominate a junior football club to be host for the new pavilion use.
* Grounds protection
Changes were promised and solution now drafted.
* Events
Will again re-visit noise – a disco was very loud during the Robin Hood marathons.

** Queens Walk
Details of £37k of enhancements still to be agreed.

** The Green
Some fixes required.

** Arkwright Walk
Will seek a quote for regular mini football goals for field next to play equipment.

*** City Centre
* Barker Gate Rest Gardens
WI have put loads of plants in; screen to hide waste bins to be added.

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