Remember Heather Heyer

IMG_0787ab0504h trent bridge bollards
These are bollards, installed along the length of the Trent Bridge in July, for the first time ever, because we now have to protect crowds from terrorists using motor vehicles as weapons.
Similar costs and inconvenience will be imposed on events staged on Victoria Embankment.
ct-ptb-davich-charlottesville-attack-st-0816-20170815Such an attack has now taken place in the United States of America.
White supremacists started a campaign against the removal of a statue celebrating General Lee (who led the Confederate Army in the American Civil War).
Their march included people carrying Nazi flags – even though the USA fought to destroy the Nazis in World War 2.
Protestors against the white supremacists counter-protested.
One man, pictured earlier on the march,  took exception and drove a high powered car into the crowd of counter-protestors.
19 people were injured; one was killed.
Her name was Heather Heyer.  A 32-year-old civil rights activist.  A campaigner, including on social media.  She used the phrase “if you aren’t outraged, you ain’t paying attention”.

There is no moral equivalence between fascists / racists / white supremacists – shouting slogans like “Jews will not replace us” – and their opponents.
Further, BBC News reports that some counter-protestors were organised for fighting, most of them were not, and they were facing marchers who carried protection and weapons.
The people of the United States are now having to come to terms with their President sympathising with people who take the side of the Nazis, people who take the side of white supremacists and people who drive cars into opponents.  The late night shows are delivering withering ridicule, more Republican politicians are distancing themselves from the President, business people drawn into helping the President out have resigned other countries are condemning his statements.
From what I can tell, his popularity rating remains low but stable.  Michael Moore is calling people who remain Trump supporters racist, and I wonder if that will work.

What we need to see from Americans are clear signs that more of them get it, and are not prepared to support Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the rest of us should take opportunities to tell the story of Heather Heyer – a civil rights activist who was killed for her beliefs in 2017.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2018.

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