Joy Division breaks new ground

IMG_2646ab1930h bbc radio nottm john holmes MMEBBC Radio Nottingham, John Holmes show, 13 Aug 2017
You can hear the show by selecting the following link.
Told a number of stories and covered a range of issues, mainly prompted by 8 tracks.
“Catch Us if you can”. “You’re Wondering Now”. “Ceremony”“Hot Love”. “Girl Afraid”. “Making Plans for Nigel”“Lovers Town Revisited”. “Things can only get better”.
It must have seemed a bit strange to be asserting how lively ska was and then not being able to use the live version of “You’re Wondering Now” –  the point will have been lost.  (Describing The Smiths as a “fresh of breath air” may also have confused.)
A heavy emphasis on being Lord Mayor, when it would have been a challenge to find 8 pieces of music that fitted a civic role.
Instead, the playing of Joy Division on the Sunday morning show seemed remarkable – note, I’d had to bring in my own CD for the right track to be played.
I’ve had a couple of nice comments, but to a correspondent who thought I’d been brave in my selection, it has to be pointed out that I didn’t find an appropriate Fall track (partly, they’re frequently lomg and partly cos none of them particularly stood out regarding stages in my life).

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