Arkwright Walk and Blackstone Walk building sites

Went on a walk of the 8 building sites with Keepmoat who have now started construction on site B, the site nearest the railway station.
Site A is the Blackstone site and the others progress along Arkwright Walk alphabetically north – south.

Note, piling will take place on all sites and starts on Site B on August 14th,

The dates for construction are –

Site B
Works commence July 2017
Works complete April 2018

Site A
Works commence November 2017
Works complete September 2018

Site F
Works commence March 2018
Works complete November 2018

Site G
Works commence April 2018
Works complete December 2018

Site E
Works commence June 2018
Works complete February 2019

Site D
Works commence July 2018
Works complete April 2019

Site C
Works commence August 2018
Works complete August 2019

Site H
Works commence February 2019
Works complete May 2020


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