40 points

20170610 0200 ab0528h BBC Owen Smith
If we’d put a better performance in during the Euro referendum, the Labour Party and the country might never have been in the situation we are today.
Ditto the local government elections – now hundreds of Labour Councillors are not serving people and adding value like they could be.
So bad that we were over 20 points behind.
A Labour Government looked at least 10 years away.
May decided a fresh mandate was more valuable than the guarantee of Conservative rule in 2022-25.
Proclaiming that you couldn’t be sure of Corbyn not winning, it has now become obvious the only person to believe that was May herself – cos she was terrible.
Meanwhile at the fourth attempt, Jeremy found a line and length and Owen Smith has said he doesn’t know what he has, he wished it could be bottled up and shared around.
Perhaps he saw what I saw on Thursday night, something those who, like me, worked with New Labour never saw.

We are back at 40.0 points – even if that’s minus 2.4.
(The largest gain in share of vote since Clem Attlee in 1945.)
Yes we didn’t win.  Including Mansfield.
But we need to reflect and learn from what’s happened.
And be prepared to be as generous as Owen Smith. 

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