May, a blowhard, a no-show and a failure

WP_20170607_10_17_51_Pro ab0250h T May letter p01
That a letter can be posted to my home so close to election day is a reminder that the Conservatives have a lot of money to spend; money that comes in donations from all the rich people who’ve had big tax breaks.
WP_20170607_10_18_02_Pro ab0250h T May letter p02
The message in this letter is about standing with Theresa May.  (The word Conservative is mentioned once, in 4 point.)
In the light of the bad campaign Theresa May has had, this is some call.
An uncosted manifesto.
Borrowing on ideas they condemned before.
And then U-turning on them.
Announcing a commitment again to reducing immigration.
Claiming a strong economy but not being able to pay for the NHS.
Planning cuts to school budgets (and parents are only just finding out).
Finding Britain is less secure with 20,000 less Police.
And not having appointed the extra 1,000 intelligence staff they promised in the wake of a previous disaster.
Britain, less secure under her watch as Home Secretary and Prime Minister.   A failure.
Failing to debate with other party leaders.   Withdrawing from BBC Radio’s “Womens Hour”.  Declining to be interviewed by Channel 4 tv’s Jon Snow.  False laughter when challenged on the matter.
may-blow-hard-thumbIf I lose just 6 seats on Thursday …
She deserves much worse.
Uncomfortable with the public.
Wobbly when questioned.
A blowhard who easily collapses.
A no-show.
A failure.


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