Article 50 letter to the European Union

That the negotiations to leave the European Union formally start today is merely the fallout of the country voting LEAVE in the referendum.
I think opinion is now slightly for REMAIN, but any change has not been significant enough to ignore the outcome of a referendum.
Leaving the EU will be a setback for Britain.
But in what way is still to be established by negotiation.
IMG_6374ac0591h 20100424 BurtonMail p10 SD euro debate
I tried to highlight membership of the EU in 2010 – see the Burton Mail clipping above.
Toyota have recently announced a new investment programme committing themselves to Burnaston.
So have we been too pessimistic about the impact of preparing to LEAVE?
True, Toyota and Nissan have committed to UK manufacture anew.  Signs are less optimistic regarding Vauxhall.
Releasing £350m a week for the NHS would not have kicked in by now anyway, but it ain’t gonna happen.
The country’s focus is in the wrong place.  Full employment on proper terms and conditions.  Success for all in education.  Getting back to maximum waiting times and tackling the growing demand for adult social care.  Social security.  Homes for all – proper sized homes.
Instead, large numbers of civil servants and others recruited to negotiate ourselves out of the EU.
Meanwhile, Labour’s six tests for a Brexit deal –
– Fair migration system for UK business and communities
– Retaining strong, collaborative relationship with EU
– Protecting national security and tackling cross-border crime
– Delivering for all nations and regions of the UK
– Protecting workers’ rights and employment protections
– Ensuring same benefits currently enjoyed within single market

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