Martin McGuinness

With his death came the tributes to the achievements once he embraced the political process (see Alistair Campbell article), and that oh so necessary balance about his deeds before then.
But true balance today would have been to include that we British allowed such segregation and religious discrimination in the first place.
Beyond that, what characters have come out of Northern Ireland.
Martin McGuinnessGerry FittJohn HumeIvan CooperDavid ErvineIan Paisley.
chuckle brothers 3345Ian Paisley! How am I even giving him a mention?
But if Martin McGuinness could be his chuckle brother, well we can all take a step back.
I used to think a united Ireland (kinda Harold Wilson, 1970) was the natural way and the way forward, but watching the peace process made you realise that there’s more to it.
– Photo by The Guardian –
Interesting that his last major act was to trigger an assembly election that saw Sinn Fein get closer than ever to the DUP.
Notable that he was telling people that the nature of the border that might be required in Ireland cos of the Brexit resolution has not been grasped.

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