Viceroy’s outmaneuvered

Viceroy’s House” makes an astonishing claim: that Mountbatten and Radcliffe (often criticised for their role in the partition of India) were patsies, outmaneuvered by Churchill who (further to Britain’s constant provocation of Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs as part of a general policy of divide and rule) had already devised the partition plan to defend Britain’s strategic foreign policy objectives of diminishing the impact of any Soviet friendship with India and to curry favour with Muslim nations that controlled middle-East oil.
Based on British Government papers found in the British Library as part of research for this film.
And I almost didn’t go (was put off by the romance story in the trailers).
Another go see film.
Yes, the “upstairs, downstairs”is a slightly artificial story-telling technique, as is the romance.
But the central thesis is so compelling.  Such a contrast to other documentaries that talk up the religious divides – just wondering how to find out more about it.

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