20th Century Women

20th-century-women-mike-mills-1000x520-1Not so broad as  “20th Century Women“, rather a single Mum of a 15 year old son (in the last year of punk) asks 2 younger women to help bring him on and, after a few hiccoughs, he comes through (and much later becomes a producer and director of films about the lives of his parents).
I don’t resent the film, just the title.
The film itself is way different – especially for those stuck on the mores of soap opera – do go see.
Loads of little episodes with side attractions.

* Jimmy Carter‘s “crisis of confidence” TV address to the nation, which the mother finds very moving, whilst 3 blokes watching immediately declare the President as finished.
* The celebration of the punk and new wave music of 1979.f93460178bb0d49b561bc856bfe3828a-aa0400htalking-heads-77-album-cover-slim-fit-light-weight-t-shirt-2xl-13a28c143439fd3a7883786d5af854dc-bb0200h

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