Professor Peter Mansfield

Advances in technology can improve our lives.
Can improve our city.
Can make our city.
Give our city an identty.

The mechanisation of the production of lace (including lace curtains 170 years ago, John Livesay, 1846), here in Nottingham, gave us wealth and an identity.

The printing press – meant the Tales of Robin Hood are now and forever will be about Nottingham.

These centuries old tales remain today.
But for what else will Nottingham become known for?

Beyond mass production of pure and available medicines,
Beyond Ibuprofen,
Body scanning, the technology that allows us to see into the body without invading the body.
That first image of its inventor’s abdomen.
A wonder that would have been impossible to envisage at the time of Jesse Boot in 1877, or even Stewart Adams in 1961.

Professor Peter Mansfield was buried today.
His drive, knowledge and skill created something that allows our lives to be extended and improved.
And it happened here in Nottingham.
And just maybe we’ll be known as much for that as lace in 170 years time, 140 years time, or even 56 years time.

It is why, as a city, we should be so grateful as we acknowledge his life and achievements.

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