Looking forward to March 2017


Expecting the new phases of residents parking permits to kick in this month:
– permits should be with residents by 10th March;
– from 10th March, warning notices will be issued to any contravening vehicle for the following 2 weeks; after this date, Penalty Charge Notices will be issued.

Hoping for play equipment to be installed on The Green this month.

“I, Daniel Blake”
– to be shown at Bridgeway Hall on 30th March, meet at 6:30 for 7pm;
– free food for clients of Meadows Advice Group, Clifton Advice Centre and One Stop Shop, but please book (otherwise £5 adults, half price for others);
– Introduction by Lilian Greenwood MP;
– hosted by Meadows Advice Group and Councillors Heaton and Edwards;
– showing of an award winning film that portraying the experiences of DWP that people can suffer, including drawing on events that happened in Nottingham;
– E-mail – meadows_advice@btconnect.com, or phone 01159860197.

BTW, new Bio-City extension lights up at 6pm on 9th March.


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