Bridge ward monthly report 65

Loads going on although concerns about growing ASB and disorder dommme-bridge-ward-overview-progress-v170227-1825-aa1754hinate (see city centre policing.)
The ward walk saw the damage brought by a storm, and some progress on deterring car parking by the signs advertising the permits scheme alone!
are not making the situation easier and during the month new tricks to direct money to the south-east (Surrey again) and the scale of cuts proposed for schools became clearer.
c06-16684337_10154333300996305_1036832904437438196_nVery much a month of culture (locally – Light Night, photography, “Touched“; nationally – “Moorside“; internationally –  “Denial“, “T2:Trainspotting“, “Hidden Figures“, “Moonlight“, “Fences“; “The Founder“, “O.J.: Made in America“) – generally all with strong points to make, but all the dramas struggling with how to show the role of collective working.

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