Marketing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Nottingham and Notts’ latest marketing organisation is working up new campaigns on the desirability of our locations for business and visiting.
Conclusion: Robin Hood is in our DNA, there’s plenty of content (product, not just content) and picking out a distinguishing element from all it – pioneers (plenty of stories about innovation in Nottingham).
P words seems to be prevalent (in the presentation given at the city centre forum) – people, place, presence, potential, pulse, pre-requisites.
A sense that some of the more recent stories of innovation need to be rehearsed more often and that promotion needs to be contemporary.
Other news  –
– a new trail – the hidden trail – is launched via soon – on Nottingham’s Independent Shopping Trail;
– the dinosaurs of China comes to Nottingham in July – the first location for the exhibition outside of China.


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