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Stoke-on-Trent Central has the potential to be a defining defeat for UKIP and a defining turning point for Labour.  Copeland is a rare loss for an opposition party to a government party, but should not be regarding as a defining defeat.
But I have to acknowledge it’s possible that the potential for any such conclusions to be accepted may already be lost, particularly in the noise of social media.
Stoke-on-Trent Central
Well good for Tristam Hunt.  I don’t resent him choosing a better job for himself, even though he was an MP.  And the fallout has been nothing but positive. We now have a Labour MP who will understand the value of contact work – and  I say this as politely as I was told – Tristam Hunt did not.  It was hard work for the party – but there is a better appreciation of the need to talk on the doorsteps.  And the UKIP leader was beat – having set out the target has been Labour seats that voted Leave.  I hope too that his reputation is destroyed – Hillsborough, false home address, EU expenses etc.
I can only assume that Jamie Reed, the retiring MP got everything he wanted.
A good job doing the PR for a key industry for the area he represented.  According to Barry Sherman MP, a higher political commitment to nuclear energy from the Labour party than that given by the Conservative government. A defeat for Jeremy Corbyn – with part of the Labour party ramming that point home.
But beyond the storm that mitigates the impact of superior party organisation, the unprecedented nature of Jamie Reed’s action is what defines this defeat.
A thought experiment – what if when I was to run for South Derbyshire, the MP Mark Todd had resigned mid-term to be in PR for the car industry, saying the Labour gov’t could not be reached on the importance of cars – as hard as it was going to be, it would have been impossible then.
So I can understand why a neighbouring MP in the aftermath of the defeat said they did well to come close.
It should not be treated as a defining defeat, despite the previous example being in 1982.
What should be defining
Being 11-18 points behind in the polls.
Wanna stress, Mark Todd is very loyal – and there was never any issue over cars – the Labour Gov’t actually put a scheme in to help car manufacturing in the aftermath of the banking crisis.  I jusr want to make people think about how stark Jamie Reed’s action was.
UK Polling Report
For a more conventional view, with some of the latest polls.


One thought on “Defining defining

  1. I heard a comment this morning from a T U officer or a Corbyn supporter, that everybody should accept that ‘Jeremy’ is the leader of the Labour party and that all would be fine if we accepted that fact. If Corbyn really has the best interest’s of Labour and it’s supporters at heart he should vacate the position at ounce. But no, he is the chosen one. I would find it difficult to canvas for Corbyn to be PM. (Although that is in the realms of fantasy fiction).
    Corbyn should be challanging the Tories but they are getting a free pass. Rather walk down the street holding a placard to protest about something. I would be really interested to talk to a Corbyn supporter to find out what his redeeming factors are? If Corbyn had any talent for leadership it would have surely have been noticed in his long parlimentary career.
    Copeland was a disater and I wish it would be a defining moment for Labour but it won’t be. More of the same to come?

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