Lilian visits Carroll Gardens over cap on sheltered housing finance

Lilian Greenwood MP attended a meeting convened by the operators of Carroll Gardens, Housing & Care 21, who are complaining that a cap proposed by the Conservative government in their Housing White Paper.
The cap on housing benefit doesn’t recognise the value of the additional services provided by sheltered housing, and again shows a bias and the Midlands & the North.
Lilian spoke to the 30 or so residents in front of staff from Housing & Care 21 and the Nottingham Post and Notts TV.
Lilian then spoke to people in smaller groups.
Having toured the groups too, I found none of the complaints I’d previously had because of the (much delayed) investment in the building, including the windows 3 years ago.
Works done in recent years –
· Double glazed windows and Flat front doors 2014
· Renewed Storage Heaters ( living rooms) 2015
· Communal Lighting ( including suspended ceilings) 2016
· New Bathrooms/shower rooms/wet rooms ( as per Resident requirements) 2016
· New Fire alarms & Fire Panel 2017
· New Warden call system 2017
Further investment planned –
· New Kitchens 2017/18
· Internal & external Decoration 2018/19
· External Doors 2018/19

There was a welcome for the new lighting along Victoria Embankment introduced last year which had mitigated certain types of criminal behaviour.  A surprise that some vehicles are parking on the grass (for angling) cos that is now enforceable.  A request for bins on the riverside itself, but we have bins on the carriageway.  Praise too for an initiative called “park runs” elsewhere in the city, and it’s possible a junior version of that might come to Victoria Embankment.
Welcome to for the tram services – Meadows Embankment stop is just outside.  Some concern that services don’t always leave enough time for the frail to embark or get off; something the driver has CCTV to help decide if doors are clear; (we’re asking people who experience this to report the tram stop, date and time when it happens).  Concern that one of the ticket machines had not been working for sometime (something I’m chasing).  We will also check out CCTV coverage of the Old Wilford Toll Bridge.

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