Angela Eagle speaking at the Mechanics Institute

Angela Eagle 16807142_10154349410761305_779024179208081850_n.jpgTelling people stories of her life, and stories of liberation.
Confident, knowledgable and making people feel good about what we can achieve (or achieve again).

New Labour achieved a lot in government, especially on equalities.
Conservatives opposed it, then Cameron decided to change to appear modern.

There is now a backlash against progress made –
– Trump on abortion and gay marriage;
– Putin – legalizing domestic violence.
The sarcasm is back.
Let’s look after everybody properly.

Elsewhere, homosexuality is illegal in 100 countries, and maybe we can do more with the Commonwealth.

Write up and share the history of progress and liberation, as part of the defence against the backlash.

One observation from the floor – the lack of progress for women as leaders in local government.

Note, Angela said the consequences of child abuse in the past has not been fully appreciated – kinda pertinent in the light of the second episode of BBCtv & ITV studios’ “The Moorside”.


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