Mid-month progress report – February 2017


** Parking Permits
6th March could still be missed, but perhaps only by a week.
Nevertheless, people phoning in, anxious about permits not being available on February 6th have reported streets are emptying.
We may well have a phase 2 for those streets are affected by the changes with Phase 1.
Streets most likely to need changes include Wilford Crescent East and tweaks might be needed on the south end of Arkwright Walk and possibly St. Saviour’s Gardens.

** Broadmarsh car park.
The council has committed to renewing the car park, but faces concerns about the concrete structure being too difficult to properly refurbish.

** Hackney carriages.
A new taxi strategy is under consultation; proposed to see the Council working with the taxi trade in Nottingham to help it improve the customer experience through:
• New modern electric taxis
• upgrading the drivers’ code of conduct
• introducing a new booking app
• ensuring that driver identification is made easy
• introducing a customer feedback service to be advertised in all taxis

** Private Landlords Selective Licensing Consultation
Nottingham City Council is carrying out a consultation on a proposal to introduce a license scheme for all privately rented houses which are not already covered by existing license schemes.
Disgusted by the treatment of one tenant, who has been brave enough to since complain.

** Ward walk is on 23rd February, starting from Royston Close.

** Further,
– concerns over ASB in the New Meadows;
– replacement for Popham Street to be built in Narrowmarsh in the Spring;

** Other news and stories
– “I, Daniel Blake” wins BAFTA for best British film; exploring showing the film in The Meadows at an event aimed for Meadows Advice Group’s clients ;
– Meadows pharmacy issued methadone to 9 year old by mistake;
– £20M investment required at the Bridewell for cells to reach Home Office standards;
– serious works started at Hicking Pentecost phase II (off Crocus Street);
– Sir Peter Mansfield, Freeman of the city has died –
– Turns out Nottingham expenditure on romance-related products is the highest in the country;
– the French bulldog, a breed bred in Nottingham and taken abroad by lace workers is now Britain’s second most popular breed


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