Bridge branch Labour Party – February 2017

Councillor Graham Chapman explains that the City Council now spends £96 million per annum on adult care compared to £9 million on bins and waste collection.
Adult care is where the crisis is developing.  We’re living longer, people with  disabilities are living longer, and the living wage – applauded – has meant adult care services are becoming more expensive.
Government support for local government has been directed away from those authorities serving those most in need.  And yet special deals are done for  Surrey County Council, both in previous years, and now this year, as a local referendum for a 15% increase in their Council tax this year.
The NHS has struggeled too cos it’s not geting the real terms increases it was getting, bu also because cuts to council services isnonsense when caring for someone at home costs c. £500 per week, whilst care in a hospital costs c. £2000 per week.
And councils like Northants are in trouble cos they took all the one-off deals from national gov’t to keep Council tax down and now find they haven’t got the tax base they need for services.
So Nottingham will increase the Council tax by 2% and nd the furteher 3% recommened by the national governemt for adult care.
There is also a lot going on in seeking extra revenue from running services for others, reduce the proprtion of spend on overheads.
Meanwhile, the national gov’t should reverse the cuts in Corporation tax, cos it’s only going out in dividends, whilst an increased tax would incentivise mre investment.

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