Lilian hosts Jewish Labour Movement briefing

A key message – if you believe in a 2-state solution, be prepared to be an advocate for both Israel and Palestine.
2016 saw a record high in complaints about anti-Semitism incidents; in part cos of better reporting, and in part cos of the controversy within the Labour party (and not it seems tied in with insecurities associated with the Euro referendum).

Mike and Ella from the Jewish Labour Movement gave the presentation.   A simple point is that Zionism is the belief in a home state for Jewish people.
A discussion rehearsed whether the recent anti-Zionism had come with equating Zionism with the actions of the Netanyahu government; reply – the belief in a homeland is not the same as support for the Likud government.  But we might benefit if there was a name for the difference.

One very experienced Labour member thought an intensity has developed that brings a tunnel vision; he’d attended the briefing cos, only that day, a colleague had said that whilst suicide bombing was to be condemned in general, it was acceptable in, and against, Israel.


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