Nottingham Through the Ages DVD

nottingham-through-the-ages-51g2mw1sb1l Some interesting clips, including the Lace manufacturing machines and the Royal Ordnance Factory in The Meadows.
From a 2008 video, still available on the internet, although I got it from a bucket shop for £2.50 a while ago. There’s always value from watching another version of Nottingham’s history.
The video changes gear halfway through as it switches from talking heads and narration to a compilation of clips from movietone style films of royal visits to Nottingham and sporting events.

Vibrant.  Queen of Midlands; named after Snot, no-one knows why name was changed! [Yeah we, do.] Just above water meadows! River Trent has been a route for trade since Iron Age.  Sandstone cliff, above flood level, Sherwood Forest for supply of timber and game. Danes in 867, despite King from Wessex trying to push them out, for one hundred years.  Danelaw.  Gates everywhere and means street.  Commanding spot – William the Conqueror builds a castle.  227 houses.  Divided city – great wall until 1713.  2 boroughs elected own Sheriff until 1835.  Robin Hood – prob just a simple folk tale.  Major Oak of Edwinstowe.   Robin Hood  name does occur in court records, but stories start and are embellished.  Statue and plaques.  Olde Trip to Nottingham, with caves use of that era.  Brewhouse Yard.  Booze healthier than the water.  Mortimer’s Hole.  Bumped of Edward II.  Queen Isabella.  Spent a lot of time at castle.  Edward III sent supporters to capture them.  Then people lived in caves.  Ter-woo-wah ker-bow.   Crude tanning.  Bunter sandstone, easily dug into. Place of caves.  Over 400 known cave systems.  Guilds – fletcher meat, fisher fish, xxx fur (check).  River Leen.Lister dyers.  Wool merchant Thurland. 16 22 August 1642.  Standard Hill. Townspeople when he went and Nottingham was for Parliament with renewed fortifications.  After war, city forefathers decided to demolish castle.  Duke of Newcastle wanted a modern palace.  1831 – set fire and gutted.  Stayed as a shell. Duke compensated by Parliament, but deliberated left.  Renovated and now a museum.  a pleasant town.  Most impressive palace is Wollaton Hall, Elizabethan and paid for by coal.  1588, same year as armada.  House around a hall.  7 miles brick wall, 7 men took 7 years.  Small town until industrial revolution, fuelled by nearby coal and 1796 canal with Derby and managed river Trent – canal made a tremendous difference.  1 ton pulled by 4 horses instead of 50 tons by 1 horse. Local invention of Nottingham frame in 1589, but not properly used until Heathcoat and then Levers for mass production.  Lace.  Steam powered 130 factories in the Lace Market.  Boom.  Big urban growth and then slums developed.  From 10,000 to 89,000.  Frequent riots. Demand for stockings dropped at same time of 3 years of poor harvests.  Luddites with another secret leader.  Luddites developed into Chartists.  October 8th.  Cholera in 1840.  New waterworks.  Enclosure Act for new housing.  William Booth acted cos of the witnessed poverty.  Late 19th century – Raleigh, Boots, pure and cheap, Player tobacco factory in Broadmarsh selling fags in packets.  City in 1897 250,000 people.  Goose Fair.  Changed from original sales of goods, stocking up for the winter.  Cheese riots.   Trains.  Event moved cis of trams and cars.  Great War. 11,000 killed.  Zeppelin attack.  Albert Ball VC, national hero, shot down 43 planes.  Then bleakness of depression – 1 in 10 out of work.  Low wages.  Firms attracted by perception of supply of skilled workforce.  1929 – The Council House.  WWII – 228 air raids with 200 killed on one night.  Royal Ordnance Factory in The Meadows built 3.7 anti-aircraft guns.  Movietone films that picked up on royal visits, including trade fair, modern Calverton colliery, Holme sluices, Royal agricultural show at Wollaton Park, checking out lace.  Race riots, but first black JP and Sheriff.  Garfield Sobers and Viv Anderson  Sporting achievements with grounds all close to each other.  County. Trent Bridge.  Ashes test.  Boxing (Reg King).  Forest and European Cups.  Brian Clough.  Holme Pierrepoint.  Nottingham racecourse.  Lively city – arts and entertainment.  Theatre Royal, royal centre, playhouse, Arena (Panthers ).  Victoria and Broadmarsh shopping centres – 4th best shopping in 2008.  Paul Smith. Great social scene.  Future is good.  Finish on Millennium fireworks.


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