Bridge ward monthly report 64

Trump is President of the USA and we’ve already had our first protests. Holocaust Memorial Day focussed on the genocide of the Jews – Trump didn’t mention it.  The Meadows also celebrated Chinese New Year.
Nationally, more chaos for the government over their plans for Brexit, and cuts to school budgets that have passed under the radar.
Arkwright Walk is back as a wide street after 50 years, proposed flats now have planning permissions and a bus route with 3 sets of bus stops is viable.  The new NCT Navy 49 was introduced and the electric Centrelink services to Queens Drive park & ride began.

Still the next big change to The Meadows will be the introduction of parking permits for residents, for many more streets in the New Meadows.
Current implementation date is 6th February though seems likely to slip.

The Green play localtions ab0535h.pngRecommendations for the location of the play equipment for The Green are now agreed, but maybe we might  add some goalposts.

ASB issues continue, and there’s a current concern about abuse of the playfields on Victoria Embankment.

Planning permission has again been given to 350 flats on Crocus Street, but this time with more references to the crocus, symbol of The Meadows.

In the city centre, the Big Wheel is back.

Approx 1842 matters have been raised for tracking since 2011..

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