Why another Kennedy film?
John Hurt‘s priest ventures to the doubting widow of JFK that the parable of a blind man being made blind by God to help those around him see more about themselves would appear to be this film’s answer.
The most shocking recreation yet of the murder of JFK (nothing can match the Zapruder film) is not the catalyst for such thinking – instead it is Jackie’s attempt to share her appreciation of good things and high culture;  Jackie’s attempt to convey the scale of the tragedy through a recreation of Abraham Lincoln’s funeral;  Jackie’s successful attempt to convey JFK’s Presidency as golden – “Camelot“; and  the film’s dramatisation of sudden, unexpected and violent loss – at times, all too horribly upsetting.
Guardian review.
One tiny moan – the portrayal of Lyndon Johnson and his wife is unfair – recorded phone calls exist that show LBJ concerned and caring at what was a difficult time for all.

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