Forthcoming changes – January 2017


Chinese New Event at the Meadows Library – 28th January.
Canal Street – gas works due to be completed – 29th January;
(Bio-City possession of Lower Parliament Street ends February 20th);
Bus changes:
– New CentreLink & EcoLink, (with new electric buses); New NCT Navy 49  and (changed) NCT Navy 3 come in on 29th & 30th January.
Big Wheel has arrived and Light Night is on Friday, 10th February.
Arkwright Walk main route now open as a through route for walking and cycling; buses in perhaps a year; looking for goalposts for the patch next to the play equipment. Building of new houses starts in April? Then available for purchase from 12 months after, until 30 months on.
Parking permits for New Meadows – scheme planned for Monday 6th February; permits may not get issued in time; so a delay possible.
Play equipment for The Green – probably installed in 6 – 8 weeks time; so late March.  Location is in the centre of The Green so looking for extra goalposts to compensate a bit for the loss of grass.
NeMTRA AGM – 9th February.
Crocus Street – 350 flats on the other half of Hicking Pentecost site – perhaps built November 2018.

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