Ward walk – January 2017

This month, checking streets around the eastern half of the Old Meadows, including some of the alleyways.
New yellow lines have gone down in support of the forthcoming expansions to existing residents parking permit schemes.
The permit scheme is still planned for February 6th.  However, some issues are being managed –
– the permits are still to be issued;
– some people have not applied for permits, but there is still time to do so;
– one objection is outstanding for streets between Ayton Close and Launder Street, so this part might be later than planned;
– a number of jobs will be done in the run-up to the go date, such as the RINGGO signs for Meadows Way West.
– the walking and cycling route that 50 years ago was a direct route between the railway station and Trent Bridge has been re-opened;
– significant tree pruning in the East Meadows, especially along Eugene Gardens.
Ideas for future developments include –
– extra signing on Robin Hood Way at the junction with Soudan Drive, to help meet concerns from parents walking kids home to the Old Meadows from Victoria Primary school, cos the combination of car parking and the bend can made eastbound traffic harder to see.

img_5449pbGeneral concerns on behaviour in local neighbourhoods remain.
The Police are working on the issues, such as an announcement on another operation.


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