Cuts to schools budgets

Conservatives to Cut £650 from Every Nottingham School Pupil

by Cllr. Sam Webster, Nottingham’s Portfolio Holder for Schools.

nottm-school-cuts-c2w7vq-xcaabwq-ab1035hOn Wednesday 14th December 2016 the Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening announced a new funding formula for schools up and down the country.
The Conservative Government’s new method of funding, directly targets schools in Nottingham for potentially the biggest real terms reduction in budgets they have ever faced.
While our schools in Nottingham are set to lose tens of millions of pounds in the coming years, in keeping with a current Tory theme, schools in some of the wealthiest areas of England are set to gain.
By targeting Nottingham the Conservatives have demonstrated yet again that they don’t act in the interests of our children, our schools or our City.
This latest move quite simply takes money from children in Nottingham only to hand it to wealthy, rural and mainly Conservative-voting shire areas such as Cambridgeshire and Buckinghamshire.
Other large cities, urban areas and areas with the highest levels of child poverty such as Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool are also being targeted in the same way.

The graphics are from the Schools Cuts web-site.
Unless the Government allocates more money, schools will lose £3 billion a year in real terms by 2020.
98% of schools’ costs are rising faster than their income.
60% of secondary schools are running deficit budgets.
For each graphic-
[1]: The estimated reduction in the school’s annual budget by 2019 in real terms, under current Government policies. These include plans to reallocate school budgets according to a new national funding formula, and not increasing funding per pupil in line with inflation. Find out more about our calculations.
[2]: Amount that would be lost for every pupil at the named school as a result of the reduced budget. The school has 273 pupils according to the Government’s school census.
[3]: Equivalent number of teachers that would be lost based on the average teacher salary at named school, or £37,250 if the figure is not published.

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