The Green – play equipment

Installation of equipment to serve the kiddies of the west of The Meadows is perhaps eight weeks away.
Consultation on the design found people picking the castle theme as a favourite.
The consultation showed equipment going in the middle of The Green, which I had hoped to keep open for general ball games such as football.  However, locating the equipment near Hawthorn View and Tarbett Close, whilst allowing local residents more opportunity to oversee use and users of the equipment, also has to compete with cabling for lighting columns and with 4 service access covers for utilities such as drains and power (covers that are a bit hard and can’t reasonably have equipment sited next to them in case kiddies land on them).
To encourage football and cricket, we are exploring putting some goal posts in a strip of land alongside the largest of the mounds, which at 20 metres long, should still offer enough of an atraction for the kids currently using smaller strips along Kirkewhite Walk.

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