Alternative truths

I know people attended the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2009 than attended that of Donald Trump just.
“Alternative truths” might venture that his support isn’t so strong in Washington DC and around.
But not that there were more people there.
George Orwell, the anniversary of whose death was the following day, worked so hard to tell us that there was a truth, a whole truth – and not a history that could be re-written.
It matters that people should care what is true.
Matters not that one TV programme magazine writer presented the event as surreal.
Nor that the new Secretary for Education could describe the event in a grammatically correct way.  Even if they raise half a smile.

A shame that Hillary Clinton was reported to have been booed when she walked onto the stage.  Yesterday, I wrote –
“Thinking of Hillary today; she won by nearly 3 million votes in the end, got practically the same vote as Barack got in 2012; had the FBI give credence to stories over e-mail server stories with a week to go whilst not sharing what they knew about the activities of Russian government agencies.
People are already overlooking what it would have meant to have had a women elected as President.
No doubt plenty of people will have things to say about what she did wrong, but today, I just wanna say it’s a shame what happened.” 


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