On the eve of Putin’s inauguration

Yip, Alan Simpson, ex-MP, opens a presentation to students from the USA on a study tour with the line “on the eve of Putin’s inauguration”.
Alan was giving a presentation on climate change, and the new energy options available to us, including use less, generate locally, and store more effectively.
A rehearsal of a presentation to Labour’s Shadow Cabinet, it was a tour of the world drawing on best practice from Europe, the United States, Britain (including Robin Hood Energy) and Utter Pradesh (800,000 volunteers planting 50 million trees in a day).
A hint of the debate on fracking which the students were to be talking through in Sherwood Forest the next day.
Note, Alan was keen to emphasise the search for forward-looking proposals, rather than criticising those in power making the bad decisions..
The students are from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and their course is called “Green Europe – Advanced Modes of Sustainability“.  Reaction appeared to be a sense of richness of opportunities were presented with a sense of hope.
Local green activists attended too.


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